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Helpful Information about Bringing your Boat or Watercraft to Mexico

  • Am I legally required to purchase a Mexico Boat Liability Policy if I will be operating in Mexican waters?
  • Yes. For the past several years any boat or watercraft entering Mexico ports has been legally required to carry Mexico Watercraft Liability insurance coverage in order to prove financial responsibility in the event that your owned watercraft is responsible for damages done to other vessels, docks, marinas, or persons.
  • How Do I Buy My Mexico Boat insurance Policy?
  • You can purchase and print your Mexico Watercraft Liability policy directly online via this link.
  • Who is the Mexico Watercraft Insurance Company I would be using if I purchase through Mexpro?
  • ACE Seguros in 2007. ACE is one of the world's largest insurance conglomerates.
  • What types of Watercraft do you insure in Mexico?
  • Personal Watercraft, Yachts, Sailboats, and Powerboats up to 175 feet in length.
  • Do you insure watercraft participating in regattas?
  • Yes. Any boat participating in a regatta or any boat that is providing support to a watercraft participating in a regatta. There is a surcharge due to the higher than normal risk, but it is possible to insure.
  • Do you provide Mexico Boat insurance for commercial watercraft?
  • No. We are unable to provide any insurance coverage for boats that are participating in commercial activities.
  • Can I buy the policy on a short term basis?
  • Yes. We offer both short-term and long-term, annually renewable Mexico Watercraft liability policies.
  • What limits of insurance can I purchase?
  • Our Mexico Boat Liability policies include coverage options ranging from $50,000 per person to $500,000 per accident. Our policies cover you for damages done to third parties, including other vessels, docks, marinas, etc. We do not provide coverage for damages done to your owned watercraft, nor medical payments for you nor your passengers. We strictly provide Mexico Liability coverage for damages to third parties for which you are legally liable.