Tips for Driving to Mexico

Visiting Is Enjoyable When We Guide You!

Enjoy Mexico!

Even though Mexico is a super laid back place to vacation, there are a few things that could cause your trip to be stressful, delayed and not fun. The general population of Mexico is welcoming and generous, but this might be misleading when dealing with law enforcement, who may not be as lenient as one might expect.

Mexico is another country, and the laws there are much different than in the US or Canada. When driving to Mexico use these tips to make sure you enjoy the wonderful people and experience of Mexico, rather than having to fly through hoops to get on with your trip.


Don't Forget To

Take your driver’s license and a passport, passport card, or SENTRI pass.

Make sure

You have vehicle registration documents. It’s best if the registration is in the name of the driver or the company from which you rented the vehicle. If driving a rental vehicle, make sure the renter and all drivers are noted on the rental contract. Also make sure you have written permission to drive the rental vehicle into Mexico.

You should have

Ownership documents for recreational vehicles like Travel Trailers, ATVs, Jet Skis, Boats, trailers, as well.

Get Mexico

Auto insurance. Unfortunately US auto insurance does not cover your vehicle in Mexico. Mexico only recognizes Mexican domiciled insurers. Mexican laws are much stricter when an at fault driver cannot pay for damages. Purchase Mexican Insurance here:

Don't Forget

You will need to obtain an FMM tourist permit when you cross the border. Not having a valid FMM tourist permit can void your Mexican Insurance.

If you’re

Traveling beyond the Mexico ‘free zone’ get a vehicle import permit. It’s required.


Where you’re going. There are many maps available online. You may also want the list of Mexico border crossings and border waiting times before you go.


Carry guns, knives or any ammunition into Mexico. The laws are very harsh regarding these items.


Speeding, fights, over intoxication and drugs.


Must have health certificate from a veterinarian, that was issued within 10 days before the pet arrives in Mexico.


Receipts for anything you buy in Mexico, you may need them to get through customs.

Do not

Purchase or bring wildlife, plants, fruit, coral, tortoise products or fireworks to or from Mexico.


The US Embassy in Mexico’s phone number in the event of an emergency.

Make sure

Someone not traveling with you has your Mexico itinerary and contact information.